HyperGlass - 30ml
HyperGlass - 30ml
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HyperGlass - 30ml


HYPERGLASS is our revolutionary hybrid windscreen coating containing 3 types of suspended nanoparticles of the highest quality.

Being part of our Extreme Performance Series – HYPERGLASS is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating- it provides an ultra-slick low surface energy with low draining angle.

Treated windscreens are hydrophobized, non-stick and provide enhanced clarity and vision.

HYPERGLASS has undergone enhanced cyclic sweeping testing up to 8000 cycles with 5% loss of contact angle from 110 ° to 104.5°.

HYPERGLASS is available to all professionals (no accreditation necessary)- to gain access please contact us to create an account.

Perfect for Professional Protection of:

  • Windscreens
  • We recommend MULTI for glass receiving low levels of abrasion

Technical Data:

  • Dual layer application
  • Solvent based
  • Heat resistance: 200c
  • Durability: 2-5 Years dependent on abrasion and chemical exposure
  • Thickness layer: 1 Micron – Dual layers
  • Water contact angle: 110 °
  • PH tolerance: 1-13
  • Full curing time: 4 hours
  • Consumption: 5-8ml- Dual layers

Application Guidelines

Please follow the instructions and curing times strictly- deviating from the full cure period may damage the finish.

Important- Windscreen surface must be polished using a glass polish such as ceriglass followed by degreasing and isopropyl alcohol wipe down. Wiper blades must be degreased and wiped down with isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Apply 10-15 drops to a lint free cotton applicator- do not over apply.
  2. Apply in crosshatch pattern slowly to create an even layer working a maximum 100cm x 100cm area.
  3. Remove residue immediately- HYPERGLASS bonds instantly and is very unforgiving if left on too long. Repeat application process on entire windscreen.
  4. After 2 hours apply a 2nd layer.


  1. Please allow 4 hours for HYPERGLASS to fully cure before exposure to water and chemicals.