After many years of chemically engineering military grade polymers we successfully identified a number of commercially viable formulations for the automotive protection industry - the rest is history.

We adapted and masterminded our ideas and formulations to create an incredible range of extreme performance coatings which were unique, highly durable and exceptionally capable.

We have excellent relationships with some of the world's most advanced engineering and testing laboratories which allows our products to undergo various ISO/ASTM standard tests. We also invest heavily in real world testing in some of the world's harshest climates via our network of global installation partners.

In early 2020 TPC Technologies Ltd were appointed official licensees of Titan Coatings® formulations and have now successfully launched in 27 countries via a specialist distribution network. As a specialist chemical engineering firm focused solely on developing the most advanced products for our market we utilise our technologies to adapt quickly to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Titan Coatings® collaborate with different organisations to bring a fresh approach to surface protection in many industries, to discuss how we can help your business please use the contact us page.


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