Vulcan Light (Limited)

Vulcan Light (Limited)

Vulcan LITE is our economical performance series coating which provides the hyper slickness and super hydrophobicity of our TX155 coating with the Hypergloss of our TITAN coating.

By combining materials from both products including carbides the final result is superior gloss/shine, swirl resistance, silk like slickness and is classified as our easiest coating to apply with instant results.

Professional Semi-Permanent Protection of:

  • Paint systems- Gloss only
  • PPF systems- Gloss only
  • All Clear coated surfaces

Technical Data:

  • UV/UVB resistant
  • Solvent based
  • Heat resistance: 400c
  • Durability: Minimum 12months or up to 20 months as a ‘top coat’
  • Thickness layer: 1-1.5 microns
  • Water contact angle: 115 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 1-13
  • Hardness: up to 8H on all clear coated surfaces
  • Full curing time: 48 hours
  • Consumption: 10-12ml per vehicle.


Application Guidelines

  1. Apply 10-15 drops to a lint free cotton applicator pad or microfiber block.
  2. Apply in straight lines slowly to create an even layer working a maximum 50x50cm area followed by overlapping.
  3. Remove residue immediately– Vulcan LITE bonds instantly and is very unforgiving if left on for too long. Repeat application process on entire vehicle.
  4. After 2 hours a 2nd layer can be applied.


  1. Please allow 2 hours for Vulcan LITE to initially cure before exposure to water and chemicals. Vulcan LITE will fully cure in 48 hours.


Please wear a respirator & gloves during application of our PX Series coatings.