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Ultra 4.0 is our highly concentrated, water-based flexible membrane sealant designed to protect various surfaces such as paint systems, wraps, PPF, glass, wheels, and plastic trim.

Ultra 4.0 features our Dark Matter Technology® upgrade with higher anti static effect, higher contact angle, decreased usage and incresed durability. This combination offers exceptional mechanical lubricity, ease of use and higher chemical resistance. A sacrificial layer with elastic and flexible properties is created, ensuring a self-cleaning surface and, most importantly, protecting the coating from degradation. Ultra 4.0 is exceptionally easy to use and leaves no haze or streaks.

- Up to 12 months of durability
- Suitable for all paint types, wraps, and PPF protection (gloss, matte, and sateen)

1. Spray directly onto a new, high-quality short pile microfiber cloth and work into the paint.
2. Buff with a new, high-quality long pile microfiber cloth to remove any remaining residue.
3. Conduct a final check using your long pile microfiber cloth and a bright but diffused light source. This will ensure no residue remains on the surface. Avoid exposing your vehicle to the elements for at least 6 hours.

Additional Information:
Ultra 4.0 cannot be layered and only a single layer is recommended. Ultra 4.0 can be applied wet or used as a drying aid. When using Ultra 4.0 during maintenance, no preparation work is needed; simply wash, decontaminate, and apply.