PX10 30ml
PX10 30ml
PX10 30ml
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PX10 30ml

PX10 is our carbon membrane coating which incorporates our Hydrocarbon technology with nano-carbides. PX10 is used for substrate preservation and provides increased surface density.

By utilising advanced mimetic thermoset materials we have created a coating which can quickly and permanently protect surfaces from abrasions, chemicals and more.

PX10 is suitable for Automotive, Aviation, Marine and Industrial use and will also undergo Aviation standard tests mid 2021.

Professional Permanent Protection of:

  • PX10 is suitable for all external surfaces except glass.
  • PX10 also seals all vinyl and thermoplastic urthethane films.

Technical Data:

  • UV/UVB resistant
  • Solvent based
  • Thermal resistance: -40c to + 600c
  • Durability: up to 6 years with stacking. Single layer up to 3 years.
  • Thickness layer: 4.5-5 microns/layer
  • Water contact angle: 105 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 1-14
  • Hardness: Maximum 10H recorded
  • Stackable up to 3 layers
  • Compatible as super base for Titan, Zeus, VulcanTX155 and Vulcan Lite. Please allow PX10 4 hours to cure before stacking.
  • Full curing time: 12 hours
  • Please ensure 12 Microns is not exceeded


Application Guidelines

  1. Apply 10-15 drops to lint free cotton applicator, microsuede or microfiber block.
  2. Apply in straight lines slowly to create an even layer working a maximum 50x50cm area followed by overlapping.
  3. Remove residue immediately- PX10 bonds instantly and is very unforgiving if left on too long, any hazing left by PX10 can be removed after repeated wiping.
  4. After 2 hours a 2nd layer can be applied. If stacking with other coatings please allow a minimum 4 hours cure time.


  1. Please allow 4 hours for PX10 to initially cure before exposure to water and chemicals. PX10 will fully cure in 12 hours.


Please wear a respirator & gloves during application of our PX Series coatings.