Coatic© Block

Coatic© Block

Introducing the Worlds 1st Reusable ceramic coating applicator block - a must for professionals looking to utilise optimum amounts of liquid without wastage. 

Specially designed and engineered for Zero liquid absorption to allow 100% of the coating to remain on the chosen applicator.

Coatic© block also doubles up as a sanding block and can be used with felt for glass polishing.

The idea was to create a sustainable and reuseable block which will also reduce product wastage.

Coatic© block can be used in many ways and can be coupled with another block if needed for larger surface areas.

Made from premium grade A75 silicone our Coatic© block is washable with water&detergent and is coated with a non stick omniphobic coating to ensure optimum performance. 

Size: 65mmx28mmx25mm

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