The Power of Titan Coatings.



Our previous focus was designing and developing military grade polymers and resins, since having identified a number of our formulations are suitable for the automotive industry - the rest is history.

We adapted our formulations to create a range of high performance coatings which were unique, durable and of hybrid nature. We source reagent grade materials from across the globe which are used to create products which are highly regarded.

We have relationships with some of the most advanced laboratories within the united kingdom and abroad which allows our products to undergo various third party tests including accelerated weathering tests, abrasion testing as well as ISO standard tests. We also invest heavily on providing our global partners access to future formulations to provide field application feedback and more.

Our selected marketing and global distribution partner in Leeds are our main point of contact and have been tasked to attract top tier professionals across the globe to use our high performance coatings in all industries

We are determined and confident to become the preferred choice for the very best surface protection specialists across the globe in all industries.

We at Titan partner and collaborate with different organisations to bring a fresh approach to surface protection in many industries. We value the exclusivity of our product and only supply our high end coatings to selected professional detailers. To discuss how you can become a Titan Installer use the subscribe box below to register your interest.