ACCR - 100ml
ACCR - 100ml
ACCR - 100ml
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ACCR - 100ml

ACCR is our water based hydrocarbon clear coat resin/primer which helps fill imperfections, swirls and most importantly adds up to 4 microns of crystal clear resin per application creating incredibly deep gloss and shine.

ACCR works like a polish system but does not contain any abrasives, instead of removing microns of clear coat to restore swirls ACCR fills them while providing gloss and increased surface hardness. ACCR can be used as a Primer polish before application of TITAN, ZEUS, ULTRA.

ACCR is available to all trade professionals only (no accreditation necessary)- to gain access please contact us to create an account.

Perfect for:

  • Increasing Hardness of existing paint
  • Increasing surface thickness
  • Swirl filling
  • Marring filling
  • One step application
  • Create a superior substrate for bonding non solvent based ceramic coatings

Technical Data:

  • Water Based Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
  • VOC Free
  • Zero Endocrine altering chemicals
  • Non-Solvent based
  • Durability: Permanent Adhesion
  • Thickness layer: up to 4 Microns
  • Water contact angle: 90 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 3-9
  • Hardness: Adds 4H to existing substrate.
  • Consumption: 15-20ml


Application Methods

Paintwork must be decontaminated with pH controlled iron fall out remover, clay detailed and ISO panel wiped before using ACCR for maximum adhesion.

Professional Method

  1. Apply a liberal amount of ACCR directly to paintwork.
  2. Use 12mm Dual Action polisher with a Brand New 3 inch Finishing Pad.
  3. Maximum Speed Setting: 3
  4. Work a 20x20cm section
  5. Once ACCR disappears lightly remove any remaining residue with a clean microfiber.

WARNING: Do not use IPA/ISO panel wipe before application of non solvent based protection system 

Tips: Decontaminate vehicle with ph. controlled iron fall out remover every 3 months and apply ULTRA. Do not use spray and rinse sealants as any remaining residue may affect the finish of your vehicles paintwork.

*Durability is dependent on care, local weather and contamination build up.